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Thank you to all those who have sent endorsements and reviews for my new book and taken time to go to Amazon Books to give me some of those golden stars.

BaguaThe more I find out about the new publishing world, the more I admire the dedication for anyone who ventures into the work of publishing, especially the authors who have changed my life with their writings.

When I first begin studying Geomancy, the study of land and nature, Feng Shui books in the English language were not available. Then came Sarah Rossbach and Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun’s book, and within 2-3 years more begin to appear. By 2001-2003 there were a few hundred, and today there are a few thousand, so I was reluctant to write Diary of A Feng Shui Consultant and Visual Artist.

Master Lin again encouraged me in 2010; he said that he wanted to see this special book finished before he passed on. The manuscript with his beautiful calligraphy and foreword was bound up in a 3-ring notebook for him to see and bless, but it was not finished; there was a missing piece. After his passing that August, I revisited the writings and added the final chapter of his passing over into The Pure Land and added the painting of him that he asked me do a few years before. Everyone who learned from His Holiness remembers where they were the day of his passing, just as we remember the sacred times of birthing and dying in our own families.

Diary_of_A_Feng_Shui_MasterThe first title chosen was “House Therapy 101,” and the cover was a photo of one of the best Feng Shui houses our family ever lived in. It overlooked a waterway which I mirrored or reflected into the Wealth corner of this home. Money flowed in perfectly and continually and without problems.

However, my publicist didn’t like the title or the picture. He chose one of my new paintings of a mountain top in China called Jiuhuashan, one of the most magical mountains I have ever visited. The energy of this mountain changed my Chi forever.

Diary of A Feng Shui Consultant
and Visual Artist
available from Amazon

The title was also changed to “Diary of a Feng Shui Consultant and Visual Artist.” When the book was ready for printing, I went to my safe where I had been storing Professor’s Lin’s foreword and reread the words for the first time in years. I was shocked that he had already written the words, Diary of a Consultant, in the manuscript 2001, before I came up with the new title. I wept when I read these words at his keen insight of knowing your past, present and possible future and trying to guide you safely in the right direction for the future and your destiny…

This is not like the usual Feng Shui yang instruction of “how to do it”; instead it is filled with nine of my paintings and why and where to hang these paintings in what part of your homes, offices and businesses.

Next comes many chapters of early consultations and humorous stories of what not to do! You do not need to understand Feng Shui to enjoy the stories of adventures with clients, friends and family. Each story has a Feng Shui example to glean from and use in their own life to promote changes.

I am asking for more reviews to boost sales and advertising as my book tours continue. Just Google Amazon Books and type in Caroline Patrick BorNei or the title. When you see the stars and reviews, click and Amazon will ask you for a review.

Water Element
I am doing tours, workshops and painting demos locally in California until November. Several things are scheduled from talks, tours and some fun, to workshops in art and Feng Shui. If you would like to host an event or want a consultation, please email me to get you on the schedule.

2015 will be Portland, Seattle, Hawaii, Florida and other venues such as cruises and Art From the Soul, workshops with a Feng Shui touch (beginners welcome), so please check back to view my schedule.

One way to have your home Feng Shui’d for a lower price is to host a party of 9 or more guests, where everyone benefits and knowledge is learned, as I tour your office or house.

May all your dreams manifest with ease and purpose.