Improve the Beauty and Chi of Home or Office

WHAT IS COVERED during your private consultation? Many clients request a Feng Shui “tune-up” when their life goals have changed, or when they have moved and need to have their new home or place of business “mapped.”

Consultations: Feng Shui Artistry

Examples of what you might use a Feng Shui consultation for:

  • Creating new job opportunities or growing your business
  • Solving money problems
  • Improving health or finding the answers to unexplained illnesses
  • Enhancing your love life or marriage; understanding separation and divorce
  • Setting the right environment to promote pregnancy
  • Releasing the flow of creative energy
  • Finding peace and rest
I can also create murals and paintings to enhance your home or office.
I can also create murals and paintings to enhance your home or office.

Fees are based on square footage, time and travel expenses. Please contact me for prices.

If you’re interested in one of these services, or have any questions — please call (707) 938-7625 or send me an email using this contact form.

On-site Consultations

Feng Shui consultations can be provided for all dwellings such as homes, offices, or building sites. While based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I will travel to any location provided travel costs are covered.

Phone Consultations


Consultations are very effective by telephone. This is an amazing way to get life changing advice without having to clean the house or having your privacy invaded.

With photos, scans and a floorplan, you will be provided with Feng Shui information and tips to put into action immediately.


Consider an evaluation before buying, leasing, renting, building, remodeling or starting a landscape project. Evaluations are priceless and highly recommended before creating Feng Shui-unfriendly design details which can cause illness and block aspect areas in your living and working spaces.

Public Speaking, Teaching and Workshops

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I am also available for small or large groups and workshops of any kind, and have been doing so across the country with great success for over forty years.

As a Keynote Speaker, I bring levity mixed with incisive insight to meetings, seminars and conferences.