Animal Symbolism

In an article on animal forms and their symbolism by Kathleen M. Karlsen, MA. incorporated the principles of Feng Shui into design and fine art decoration. Color, sound and the impact of imagery create powerful effects for human wellness.

I agree 100%. She goes on to say there are three major types of animal forms: domestic, wild and mythical beasts. Domestic animals are indicative of conscious cooperation with nature through positive interrelationships between man and animals. Wild animals depict untamed nature and man’s own untamed desires. Mythical beasts exist in the realm of the imagination and are especially compelling in their graphic representation of future potential and magical, unlimited resources.

One way to make friends is to acquire a domestic pet and go for a walk. Meeting new people won’t be a problem. This little ball of fuzz or a short-haired 200-pound dog will draw energy or Chi to you within minutes. These cute or scary partners become attention magnets. People stop to inquire about your pet.

children2The untamed wild kingdom might include lions, tigers, birds or tortoises. Images of any animal can be used in the fame or fire section of the home located at the middle back area of the house. The wild nature of these beasts is used as protectors. Fu Dogs (Chinese lion dogs) or English-type lion statues might be at entranceways to the property or the front door of the dwelling. These visual pieces are symbolic of strength, flexibility and courage. The dragon and bird-like phoenix complete the third dimension to this animal symbolism.

As a child, my mother and father took me to see the famous movie, The Wizard of Oz. Not wanting to show my mounting terror as the horrible, wicked witch unrelentingly chased Dorothy from Kansas, I glued myself securely to the back of the movie theater seat, held my breath in silence and turned white. Since my parents considered me a fearless child, I wasn’t about to let them know I was actually terrorized. From that night on, sleep became impossible. I wiggled to stay awake and counted the repetitive gaudy patterns of red, yellow and gold autumn leaves dancing on the walls of my room. The wild colors of Mom’s newest decorating feat left me awake until I fell into exhaustion. Using colors that are too Yang can keep the child’s action button caught in the “on” position! The Feng Shui of my bedroom didn’t help the situation!

My bed position was a big Feng Shui no-no, directly placed under a window, giving me a feeling of floating and abandonment. Poor Mom. Her instincts were way off base in her latest attempts to bring cheer to my environment. I loved the action colors of the room during daylight hours, but as night approached, I began acting out. I tried to escape the Oz dreams by hiding under the bed. This was the storage area for games, books, tablets and my favorite Crayolas. I snuggled securely into the clutter and fell asleep hiding from the witch.

During Feng Shui consultations, I caution parents on negative uses of color and bunk beds which make the child on top feel “confined” and the child on the bottom feel powerless. Under-the-bed storage gives no circulation and flow of life-giving Chi, and beds lined up with the bedroom door suck or drain the person whose feet are in line with the doorway. Angled ceilings cause pressure on the head, and a child’s bedroom located over a garage gives the child a feeling of “no support” while unseen fumes flow upward from paint, chemicals or resting vehicles. Another overlooked cause of sickness can be from a bed backed up to a bathroom on an adjoining wall, causing a downward tugging-motion to the brain! What are we thinking, folks? Now add a computer, radio clock, TV and a few more electrical items, and we have a toxic room for our children to grow and learn.

Animals are a natural cure to many rooms, as they love to lay in places which are toxic to help transmute the environment for us. Watch where your cats love to hang out as they are more able to “repair” a “bad” spot. A feline can feel the energy running under the ground, and some dogs are negative Chi busters. If your children are allergic to these live, furry love balls, let them choose a few stuffed animals which make them feel safe and secure. My grandchildren fall into this category, and the choices are endless to find just the right creature to snuggle down with on those winter nights and keep some circulation under their beds for a better night’s sleep.