IFSG_Red_Ribbon_Professional_200CAROLINE PATRICK BOR-NEI is a Master Feng Shui Educator, a certified Feng Shui practitioner, and a professional artist, writer, author and healer.

She specializes in original art, workshops and murals and creates images for your specific needs according to the ancient method of using the 5 elements of the earth to adjust your environment for harmony and prosperity.

Her abilities as an artist were recognized at the age of five, as she sculpted exceptional figures in clay. Her family encouraged their daughter’s talent and found a well-known artist to tutor the budding artist. With oil paints and canvas received on her sixth birthday, Caroline blossomed and painted at every opportunity.

Continuing her studies, Caroline became a college art instructor, teaching at several colleges in the Western states. As Caroline demonstrated daily, giving her classes a visual aid to see as well as understand, strokes, color, shapes, symbols and the energy associated with each painting. This was why students filled her popular classes.

Golden Poppies by Caroline
Golden Poppies by Caroline

The classes grew and Caroline learned more about art techniques, making herbal medicine and Feng Shui principles. She eventually opened an art gallery and Feng Shui store called “Caroline’s Arts and Feng Shui Shoppe” in Benicia, California, in the 1990s. The business grew quickly as the Chi of the shop attracted customers and devoteesalike. Her clients begin calling her “The Feng Shui Puzzle Master” for her quick insight to Feng Shui problems, and friends dubbed her “The Feng Shui Cowgirl” for her unorthodox ways.

Caroline continues to educate students and clients with humor, deep insight and wisdom. Her paintings hang in private collections and also can be seen on company walls in the form of murals; her images are known to change the Chi of any space where they reside and also raise the Chi of those who view her art.

Peaceful Living Environments by Caroline.
Peaceful Living Environments.

Working with architects, Caroline designs Feng Shui-friendly dwellings for clients who desire peaceful living environments. As a weekly newspaper columnist for fourteen years, her column called “West Meets East” changed readers’ lives, one week at a time, through her instructive storytelling.

Caroline currently lives in Sonoma, California, known as “The Valley of the Moon”, a magical place to write, paint and give consultations. She travels often to China, the home of her heart, where the study of Feng Shui and the balance of Wind and Water begin.