Caroline’s Corner Feng Shui News

I am so excited about the energy 2014. The Chinese call it The Wood Horse, The Green Jade Horse and also The Wind Horse. Generally people will have good luck and more money. What’s not to like about that? The Horse is actually a natural Fire creature, but other elements are combined with this energy in other horse years … Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are included and create cycles throughout the years. So Wood is sitting on top of Fire in 2014. The Chi will be powerful, strong, intense, fast-paced and anything BUT peaceful! Fire and Wood sometimes burn steadily, but adding wind to the flame can cause storms – typhoons, hurricanes, volcanoes, fires, droughts, accidents and global conflicts – as the horse does not back down.

The good side of this? Fear will be eliminated as the energy rushes forward so fast we won’t have time to mull things over. The last 2 years were the time for rethinking and revising. Good economic movement gallops forward and all Yang pursuits. Businesses such as horse breeding, racing, environmental, manufacturing, travel, fashion, art shows, media, athletic workout equipment and clothing created for athletes.

Romances can be fiery this year. That can be good and not so good. Sexy and flirty are the actions of Fire, but add enough Wood to this formula and you may meet the love of your life!

Communication is a natural aspect of Wood. Have a good time with the family, as the horse will take you places were you would like to travel; but watch your anger, irritation, impatience, and please be kind to others. Take care of your heart, liver, blood, and sports injuries.

Hard work and physical labor are considered Yang pursuits, and this is the year to show your works. This means using Feng Shui principles to support your work. Look at the positions of your Bed, Desk and Stove. Call me for a phone consultation or on-site visit to insure the Wood Horse of 2014 has the stamina to take you all the way to your destination

wealthWhether you work out of the home or for a large corporation, the office must reflect and support your creative efforts. A proper foundation must be in place for business to grow. Now that computers are getting smaller and smaller, people are conducting business anywhere, anytime. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Responding immediately with today’s technology is very beneficial, saves time, money and a lot of gas, but don’t forget the value of Feng Shui principles which keep you grounded while doing business.

Today’s questions are focused around laptop computers and how they play a large part in our lives and success!

Q. I am a new college student and my iPad and laptop go everywhere with me. I hear that to have good Feng Shui I need a desk for these items. This isn’t possible since I am on the go all day.

A. Even your computer and iPad need to rest, restore and recharge. Place your computer on your home desk during the night. Not a table, not a couch, not the floor. Give special attention to these new powerhouse friends and if you want them to perform perfectly, let them rest on this special piece of furniture while collecting the energy from your home office desk while sleeping. For even better results, place your home desk in a Feng Shui-Friendly Commanding Position, which is the furthest corner from the room doorway facing the open door. Doors represent the voice of an adult in the house and also welcome opportunities.

Q. I was thinking, if you can apply Feng Shui to a desk top, is it possible to do something to my computer to bring in more business?

A. Yes, there are several things, but one easy enhancement is to place a desktop design on the screen, reflecting an image of your desires, such as making money, painting art, finding a partner or having children. Think … purple is the color for wealth, and fish, dollar bills, wind chimes and fountains are a few images which are associated with abundance. There are many other things to activate such as Fame, Love, etc. Activate this action with a picture or color. A computer is a direct path to thousands of clients and customers; with only one click the world is at your fingertips. The computer is a great tool and should be treated with respect. Yes, I know it is tempting to yell at that screen occasionally, but try to restrain yourself, and remember how convenient they can be when working correctly. I change my desktop screen to bring in what I want to happen next!!! Have fun….

Caroline Patrick BorNei is a Feng Shui Certified Master Educator with over 6000 consultations. Her newly released book “Diary of a Feng Shui Consultant and Visual Artist” is a big hit with not only Feng Shui consultants, but artists who want to understand color and its energy, interior designers, landscapers and home owners who want to incorporate Feng Shui into their homes and businesses. 707-938-7654